400 all-male cops boost PRO-6 force

The 400 recruits of Police Regional Office (PRO)-6 endure the rain and mud during their reception rite at Camp Martin Teofilo B, Delgado in Iloilo City on August 28, 2019. (Photo by PCPl Sales/RPIO/PRO-6)

By: Jennifer P. Rendon 

The Police Regional Office (PRO)-6 formally welcomed 400 police recruits into its fold as they took their oath as members of the Philippine New Police on Aug 28, 2019.

After the oath-taking, the all male recruits were treated to the traditional reception rite held at the PRO-6 grounds in Camp Delgado, Iloilo City.

Police Brigadier General Rene Pamuspusan, Western Visayas police chief, led the oath-taking ceremony.

As he repeatedly said even to seasoned police officers, Pamuspusan underscored the importance of discipline.

The moment they took their oath, much is already expected from them.

Being “government properties,” Pamuspusan said they are subject to rules, policies and regulations governing the organization.


He vowed zero tolerance for erring personnel.

“The PNP will not hesitate to dismiss you from the service or impose corresponding penalties for any erring acts or violations,” he added.

In demanding discipline, Pamuspusan said they shall undergo the strictest training if they want “to be successful in their career as police officers.”

Pamuspusan said the reception rite was just the beginning of the training which aimed to turn neophyte cops into disciplined PNP members.

The reception rite is a tradition of the PNP to prepare the recruits physically and give them insights on what to expect in the training center.

It removes the “civilian antiques” of the recruits and makes them embrace a regimented world where all moves should be within the mandates of the PNP organization.

“We will return them to you as disciplined gentlemen,” Pamuspusan told the audience, who are mostly relatives of the recruits.

The 400 patrolmen will undergo the Public Safety Basic Recruit Course (PSBRC) for six months at the Regional Training School 6 (RTC-6) in Bacolod City.

After finishing the course, they will embark on another six months of Field Training Program (FTP) which will qualify them for permanency.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Joem Malong, PRO-6 spokesperson, said the recruits’ appointment is temporary for one year.

“They could easily be terminated for any misbehavior or misdemeanor,” she said.

Currently, a police patrolman receives a basic monthly salary of P29,668, aside from allowances and other benefits.

Meanwhile, Malong explained that they picked an all male recruit because they exceeded the 20:80 female to male force composition at PRO-6.

“We have exceeded from the 20 percent female quota from our previous recruitments,” she said.

The 400 new policemen will boost the current 12,000 plus PRO-6 uniformed personnel force.