71 new COVID-19 cases in WV

By Joseph B.A. Marzan


The Department of Health-Western Visayas Center for Health Development (DOH-WV CHD) reported 71 new cases of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

The number was based on tests conducted by 16 DOH-accredited COVID-19 testing labs within and outside of the region.

The region now has 26,805 cases, with 1,563 active cases, 24,460 recoveries, and 776 deaths, excluding 6 deaths which were included in the case count but died due to non-COVID related causes.

The latest batch of confirmed COVID-19 cases include 48 local cases, 21 locally stranded individuals (LSI), and 2 authorized persons outside of their residence (APOR).

Iloilo province logged the most number of newly-confirmed cases with 23, this includes 14 LSIs and 9 local cases.

Bacolod City followed with 19 (17 local cases and 2 APOR cases), Negros Occidental with 18 (12 local cases and 6 LSI cases).

Iloilo City recorded only 6 new cases with 5 local cases and 1 LSI, Aklan with 4 local cases, and Capiz with 1 new local case.

Antique and Guimaras recorded no new cases as of March 24.

Also, 82 new recoveries and 3 new deaths were recorded on Wednesday.

As to the presence of symptoms, 73.19 percent of active COVID-19 cases in the region are asymptomatic, 22.84 percent of cases are mild, and 3.97 percent are severe.



Based on the current DOH-WV CHD data, Negros Occidental has the highest COVID-19 incidences in Western Visayas with 7,159 total cases, (349 active cases, 6,614 recoveries, and 193 deaths).

Bacolod City has 5,945 total COVID-19 cases, (135 active cases, 5,623 recoveries, and 187 deaths).

Iloilo City logged 5,694 cases (324 active cases, 5,202 recoveries, and 167 deaths).

Iloilo province has a total of 5,119 cases (545 active cases, 4,436 recoveries, and 137 deaths).

Capiz recorded 1,319 COVID-19 cases (23 active cases, 1,240 recoveries, and 55 deaths).

Aklan has a total of 1,087 cases, (140 active cases, 917 recoveries, and 30 deaths).

Guimaras only has 362 cases (38 active cases, 318 recoveries, and 6 deaths).

Antique has the least number of COVID-19 cases in the region at 120, (9 active cases, 110 recoveries, and 1 death).