8 barangay captains pranked by food delivery orders

By Glazyl Y. Masculino

BACOLOD City – Prank calls on food delivery riders strike again, but this time the victims are some barangay captains here on Monday night.

Councilor Lady Gles Gonzales-Pallen, president of Liga ng mga Barangay, was among the eight village chiefs who got pranked.

According to Gonzales-Pallen, two village chiefs received pizza orders, while the others received orders for a bucket of chicken, all delivered to their respective barangay halls.

Councilor Lady Gles Gonzales-Pallen, who is the Barangay Taculing captain, said on Tuesday that she was surprised when she was informed by a barangay watchman that a food delivery rider on a bicycle was waiting for her at the barangay hall to deliver a bucket of chicken worth P506.

Pallen at first thought that she probably forgot a scheduled food delivery, but upon checking her cellular phone, she realized that she did not place any order.

Despite this, she said she decided to pay the rider who waited for about an hour to reach her as she was already home that night.

“Kaluoy man abi sa rider bala, naga bike pa siya,” she added.

Other barangay captains also shared on Facebook a similar experience late Monday night.

Gonzales-Pallen said fellow village chiefs Ruben James Miranda of Barangay 35, Rosinie Distrito of Singcang-Airport, Lito Abaring of Bata, Glo Ann Tambasen of Montevista, Yolanda Noble of Pahanocoy, Rodney Carmona of Sum-ag, and Leah Palma of Punta Tay-Tay also received the prank orders.

“Kasubo lang kay ang mga riders nag exert effort to bring the food to their customers, tapos iprank lang,” she said.

Gonzales-Pallen said three of the village chiefs did not pay for the prank orders.

She said they do not know the purpose of this prank, but they already reported it to the police.

She believed that only one person was behind the prank orders. In fact, they tried to contact the caller, who is based in Kentucky, upon checking his number, but nobody answered.

Gonzales-Pallen appealed to stop pranking food delivery riders and other people especially that everyone is suffering from the effects of the pandemic.

“Kadamo unemployed, indi ta ka balik sa normal activities ta, okay lang na kung kaisa mabayran lang, what if indi mabayran? We should help each other and should not cause a problem,” she said.

She said she will meet with the other village chiefs to plan out their action on the said matter.

When asked if it had something to do with politics, she refused to further comment on it.