A Lavish Crazy Rich Asian-Themed Birthday Bash for Darlene

Celebrating in style, the lavish Crazy Rich Asian-themed birthday event for Philippine style icon and Fabulous Awardee, Darlene Ardena-Go, was a spectacle of travel, fashion, and the pursuit of perfect diamonds. Hosted in Cebu City, known as the Queen City of the South, the luxurious Chinese dining experience unfolded at the chic Good Luck Hot Spot within the plush Nustar Hotel.

The evening’s chic well-wishers, arriving from various parts of Asia, were treated to a world-class hot pot experience, seamlessly blending traditional culinary arts with an extravagant dining affair. Enhancing Darlene’s opulent celebration were traditional Chinese cultural performances and exceptional premium ingredients, leaving guests thoroughly indulged by the ever-attentive servers.

The celebration continued into the night with spirited ballroom dancing at Cebu City’s Ole Resto Bar, lasting until the early morning.

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to our dear Darlene!