An Alagang Wilcon Story: Father and son share builders’ dreams beyond DNA

Behind every successful son is a parent who believed in him first. Meet Mike and Paul Peña—esteemed architects, father and son, sharing the same blood and the same dream. Together, they share their insights on working with each other as professionals and as a family in the latest Wilcon YouTube series, “Alagang Wilcon.”

Shared beginnings and success

Ar. Mike Peña was the first architect in their family, having established his own firm in the 1990s. His three-decade career has been a tapestry of unique ideas and creations. In 2010, his son, Ar. Paul, joined him, resulting in a collaboration focused on green architecture in their family-led architectural firm, the Fitnesscape Creative Studio Inc.  They move in tandem and in sync and their values are shared by yet another reliable partner in their journey – Wilcon Depot.

A family that works together, stays together

For Ar. Mike, working with his son is just “like play” because he gets to spend time with them while also combining their passion for architecture and complementing each other with their ideas. Besides sharing this passion, Ar. Paul indulges in his father’s interests, lives the same work ethic, even his hobbies. They share interest in golf, travel, and cars. This enhances their relationship both in their family and professional settings.

The story of Ar. Mike and Ar. Paul’s “Alagang Wilcon” is perfect for Father’s Day. It shows how the key role of a father in a young man’s life goes above and beyond providing for his basic needs. Before being a colleague in the industry, Ar. Mike is an inspiration to Ar. Paul first. They have a give-and-take relationship, each learning from the other.

Alagang Wilcon

It is this mutual trust that drove the architects to partner with the home renovation and supplies retailer, Wilcon. As a business, Wilcon Depot is known to earn the loyalty of its customers by being consistent in the quality they have had since 1977.

The architects note that as they evolved in their field, they also witnessed how Wilcon flourished as a company. This relevant growth is what makes the Peña architects consider the retail store part of their family. Along with the similar values they uphold, their success goes hand in hand.

The Peña’s shared these sentiments in “Alagang Wilcon,” a Wilcon Depot series aimed to highlight the personal and professional journey of those who have grown alongside the retail company, showcasing the profound impact of Wilcon’s commitment to their community. As we delve into the lives of Ar. Mike and Ar. Paul, we see how the unwavering partnership with Wilcon has nurtured their shared passion.

Watch the first episode of Ar. Mike and Ar. Paul Peña’s “Alagang Wilcon” journey through Wilcon TV on YouTube:

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