Another ‘monster catch’ in Iloilo River

Angler Willie Wendam caught this 27-kilo salonsong or barramundi at the Iloilo River! (Photo by LpuKids Ibike)

A 27-kilogram ‘Barramundi’ or Asian Sea Bass was caught from the Iloilo River on Sunday, July 24, 2022.

Regular angler Willie Wendam made the big catch. But this was not Wendam’s first monster catch as he also baited a 22-kilogram fish at Muelley Loney area last year.

The Iloilo River proved to be beneficial to anglers and fisherfolks who have been catching giant fishes since last year.

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas said that the monster catch is a manifestation that the Iloilo River is thriving and that efforts of the city government to rehabilitate the river are now coming into fruition.

“Our efforts to rehabilitate the river are now productive. Another monster catch is the latest addition from regular angler Willie Wendam.  This 27 kilo salonsong or barramundi is a manifestation that the Iloilo River is thriving. Let us keep our river clean and sustainable!” he said in a statement on Sunday.

Based on the data from the City Agriculturist’s Office (CAO), a total of 2,039 fishes were released in the Iloilo River this year through the help of private sectors.

In 2021, 9,352 fishes were released by CAO in the Iloilo River while 10,080 fishes were released in 2020.

The regular dispersal of fingerlings is part of the Iloilo City government’s efforts to replenish the river and promote its sustainability. (DG)


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