Antique gears up for ‘Pista ng Kagubatan’

ENRO chief Vivian Marfil discusses the activities for Pista ng Kagubatan in a meeting with Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officers.

By: Pilar S. Mabaquiao

SAN JOSE, Antique – The Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) here is preparing for “Pista ng Kagubatan” on June 28, 2019, by virtue of Provincial Ordinance 2015-109.

The ordinance mandated the province-wide celebration of Pista nga Kagubatan every last Friday of June. It also calls for an annual tree-growing activity to help rehabilitate watershed areas, open and denuded forest lands and by conducting environmental awareness campaigns.

In a meeting with the Provincial Solid Waste Management Board, ENRO chief Vivian T. Marfil enjoined compliance of the municipal government with the ordinance by participating in the simultaneous tree planting activity on June 28.

“Barangay officials, schools and community in general are also encouraged to join the activity since protecting and conserving the environment is everybody’s concern,” Marfil said.

The tree planting activity of the provincial government and national government agencies will be in Barangay Aningalan, San Remigio but for the municipalities they could identify their own planting site.

Marfil also urged the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officers (MENROs) to establish their own nurseries for trees, however, if they don’t have enough seedlings, they can request from ENRO.

Likewise, ENRO is advocating for the growing of indigenous fruit trees such as ‘lumboy (duhat), bugnay, star apple’, among others as well as use of recycled cups for pots in nurseries.

Marfil said about 80,000 seedlings grown at the nursery of ENRO are ready for planting this June. (PIA)