Antique scraps RT-PCR rule for fully vaxxed travelers

The province of Antique has lifted the RT-PCR requirement for fully vaccinated travelers as more areas in the region scrap the rule for inoculated individuals.

Antique Governor Rhodora Cadiao issued Executive Order No. 004-A on Wednesday, Feb 2, 2021 amending travel restrictions in EO No. 004.

“As recommended by the Provincial Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for COVID-19, a negative RT-PCR test result was suggested to be removed as one of the S-Pass requirements for returning Antiqueños, returning Overseas Filipino Workers (ROFs), and any person coming from outside Region 6 as long as they are fully vaccinated,” the amended EO said.

Under the new EO, fully inoculated authorized persons outside residence (APORs), ROFs, returning Antiqueños and other travelers outside the region who wish to enter Antique will no longer be required to secure negative RT-PCR tests.

For fully vaccinated APORs, they only need to secure a valid ID, vaccination card or vaccination certificate, mission/travel order, and an approved S-Pass.

Meanwhile, for all other travelers who are fully vaccinated, they will have to present their vaccination card, a notice of coordination or letter of acceptance, and an approved S-Pass.

However, APORs, returning residents, ROFs, and other travelers who wish to enter the province and are partially or unvaccinated including infants and children will still be required to secure their negative RT-PCR result, as part of the requirements for their S-Pass application.

Aside from Antique, the province of Aklan has recently scrapped the negative RT-PCR result requirement for inbound travelers. (DG)