Army trains 12IB soldiers to boost campaign vs insurgency

(Photo Courtesy of Philippine Army Spearhead Troopers)

By Jennifer P. Rendon

The Philippine Army’s 12th Infantry (Lick ‘Em) Battalion strengthened its forces in a bid to help achieve the government’s aim of eradicating insurgency by 2022.

A formal ceremony was held Monday for the 12th IB’s joint refilling and start of their organizational training at Camp Macario Peralta in Jamindan, Capiz, home of the 3rd Infantry Division.

Major General Eric Vinoya, the newly-promoted 3rd ID commander, presided the event that saw the participation of 501 Lick ‘Em troopers – 19 officers led by Lieutenant Colonel Sisenando Magbalot and 482 enlisted personnel.

The 12IB, which used to be a “Cadre” Battalion of the 3rd ID, will undergo a six-week training.

Four weeks of which will be devoted to organizational training while the two weeks of Community Support Program (CSP) training at the Battalion Retraining Facilities (BRF) in Camp Peralta.

Vinoya said the training aims to develop and enhance the operational capability of the 12IB and capacitate its personnel in conducting CSP in the grassroots communities prior to their redeployment.

The CSP, which replaces AFP’s Oplan Bayanihan, emphasizes the military’s new thrust of enhancing nation-building and countryside development in relation to the peace policy of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Vinoya added that the refilling and organizational training of the 12IB is part of the government’s effort to eradicate insurgency wherein the Armed Forces of the Philippines will be needing more soldiers and Battalions, in order to accomplish this mission.

Thus, the transformation of Philippine Army’s cadre battalions into maneuver battalions.

“Consider the refilling and organizational training of your unit as a house or business renovation wherein you need to destroy a portion of it to restore and build a new and stronger one. It will be hard for you because you will again endure pain and pressure, but it will polish your flaws and bring out the best in you,” Vinoya said.

He also reminded the troops to take the training seriously since they are doing this not only for the betterment of their unit but also for the welfare of the Visayan community.

“Give your best shot during the training for you are doing this to prepare yourselves and your unit in performing and bringing your mandate to the next level. This time, you will not only serve the Visayans, but will fulfil their fervent desire for an insurgency-free community,” he said.