AS 2022 SECOND SEM STARTS: PhilSys Mobile Team registers 2,976 Guimarasnons

The Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) Guimaras registered 2,976 Guimarasnons as the second semester of 2022 commenced, accumulating 34,877 registrants from the date the Philsys Step 2 registration resumed on January 24 to August 2022.

“Of the 2,976 registrants, 1,195 were from the Municipality of Jordan, 574 were from Nueva Valencia, 565 from Sibunag, 556 were from Buenavista, and 86 from San Lorenzo,” Provincial Statistics Officer Nelida B. Losare said.

“The said registrants were mixed of 2,501 walk-ins, 474 Assisted Step 1 Registration, and one (1) online,” Losare added.

Losare also expounded that at the start of the second semester of 2022, the PhilSys Guimaras mobile team organized a house-to-house registration by sitio. They targeted the senior citizens and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), especially the bedridden individuals who were unable to go to the nearest PhilSys mobile registration in the area because of their condition.

“The team coordinated with the Barangay Officials and the Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) to identify the location of the target registrants with medical conditions,” Losare said.

“This strategy is part of the saturation plan of PhilSys Guimaras to reach all unregistered individuals and to be listed in the government central identification platform for all Filipino citizens and resident aliens of the Philippines.”

Despite the unpredictable weather conditions in the vicinity, PhilSys Guimaras still managed to deliver quality service to the people through this approach.

As part of the PhilSys responsibilities to promptly address the queries of the Philippine Identification (PhilID) registrants, the PhilSys Guimaras team also participated in the “May Tanong Ako: Training on PhilSys Step 3 Registration Concerns and Queries conducted by the PhilSys Feedback and Grievance Division (FGD) on July 12, 2022,” Losare said.

“Before the mobile operation started in the second semester, PhilSys Guimaras also conducted the same training for PhilSys Focal Persons (PFPs) and Information System Analysts (ISAs) on July 23 to ensure everybody is knowledgeable regarding the concerns and queries on Phil ID,” Losare added.

Losare also elaborated that aside from understanding and applying the key concepts, equipping participants with the skills and knowledge in correct response with proper approach was among the training goals.

The training was participated by three (3) Registration Center Supervisors; eight (8) Registration Kit Operators; three (3) Alternate Screeners; three (3) Screeners; and four (4) Office-based PhilSys personnel of PSO Guimaras.

“As the new administration wants most Filipinos to be issued with the Phil ID by the end of 2022, the PSA is working on a printable version of the national ID, scheduled to be implemented in the 4th quarter of the year,” Losare said.