BDO branches provide ‘phygital’ banking solutions to clients

Go digital in the branch. The Service Assist and Account Assist Machines are now available in all BDO branches nationwide. The self-service machines enable clients to perform banking transactions for a simpler, faster, and more convenient branch visit.

BDO now offers digital innovations like the self-service machines in its branches nationwide for more convenience, complementing the Bank’s traditional over-the-counter services provided by branch personnel. By offering an additional transaction-completion channel, BDO ensures a more efficient and customer-centric branch experience.

The service and account assist machines allow clients to input transaction details independently before engaging with branch personnel, eliminating the need for manual form-filling and reducing wait times.

The service assist machine allows clients to encode transaction details, queue their transaction, do priority queuing, and scan QR for online branch booking. The account assist machine, meanwhile, assists clients in online account opening, access online account, and pay credit card balances.

Simple and convenient 

“Our goal is to enhance how we serve our clients continuously. By integrating technology, we provide a ‘phygital’ banking experience that simplifies processes, saves time, and enhances convenience for our clients,” said BDO.

For clients who prefer remote banking solutions, the Bank offers the BDO Online and BDO Pay platforms for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. BDO Pay is a payment app linked to a client’s BDO account/s. At the same time, BDO Online is the on-the-go banking app that lets clients manage their accounts, keep track of their finances, and make different types of transactions anytime, anywhere.


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