Births outnumber guimaras other vital events in q1 2019

Births outnumbered other vital events recorded in Guimaras Province during the first quarter of the year 2019, according to data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

Births in the island province numbered to 788, accounting for 58.07 percent of the provincial total.

According to the data generated through the Decentralized Vital Statistics System (DVSS) of PSA-Guimaras, births have an erratic trend in the first three months (Jan-Mar).

In January, births comprised 33.88 percent of the provincial total then it decreased in February with a 30.84 percent share. But it abruptly increased to 35.28 percent in March.

The DVSS data also showed that the vital events totaled 1,357  from January to March 2019.

Deaths with 256 cases accounted for 18.87 percent of the total vital events while marriages numbered to 313 or 23.07 percent share.

The town of Jordan had the highest record of vital events in the province with 701 followed by Buenavista (300), Nueva Valencia (206), San Lorenzo (98) and Sibunag (52).

Jordan also  has the highest number of births in the first quarter of the year with 509 individuals, followed by Buenavista (146), Nueva Valencia (98), San Lorenzo (27) and Sibunag with 8 births.

On marriages data, the Municipality of Buenavista got the highest number with 95 couples, Jordan with 80, Nueva Valencia (73), San Lorenzo (39), and Sibunag (26).

The vital statistics are derived from the information obtained at the time of occurrences of vital events and their characteristics.

The vital acts and events are the births, deaths, fetal deaths, marriages, and all such events that have something to do with an individual’s entrance and departure from life together with the changes in civil status that may occur to a person during his lifetime.

Meanwhile, the system begins with the registration followed by the processing and controlling of vital records and ends with the compilation and analysis of vital statistics.