Borongan, Eastern Samar to hold 2nd National Surfing Summit in November

BORONGAN CITY, Eastern Samar – The stage is set for the highly anticipated 2nd National Surfing Summit, to be held in Borongan City, Eastern Samar from November 24-26.

This landmark event, themed “Surfing Horizons: Unveiling New Destinations, Igniting Tourism,” aims to bring together surfing stakeholders from across the country to explore the immense potential of surfing as a tourism attraction and Olympic sport.

Under the warm reception of Karen Tiopes, the Director for Tourism of Eastern Visayas, the much-anticipated coordination meeting for the 2nd National Surfing Summit commenced.

The gathering saw the enthusiastic participation of esteemed regional figures, including Jeff Ortega, the Regional Director for Tourism of Region 1, Herbie Aguas, the Regional Director for Tourism of Region 5, and Mark Edward Velasco, the CFO of the United Philippine Surfing Association.

Their presence serves as a powerful testament to the Department of Tourism’s (DOT) unwavering dedication and support for Borongan City and the entire Eastern Visayas region.

“Region 1 is the model for several aspects of the surf industry, from business to local government intervention and pioneering surf events,” said Rupert Ambil II, Borongan Surf City Festival Chairman, who attended the 1st summit in La Union organized by Region 1.

“Their success and support are key in building the foundation for up-and-coming surf areas. Borongan City and our neighboring towns have immense tourism potential for surfing, and we hope that this summit can serve as another catalyst for growth. We are grateful for the support and guidance of RD Jeff Ortega of Region 1 and UPSA President Dr. Jose Raul Canlas in securing this hosting opportunity.”

Region 5, represented by Herbie Aguas, the Regional Director for Tourism, has pledged its full support for the 2nd National Surfing Summit. They will be hosting the 3rd summit in the Bicol region, showcasing their commitment to the growth and promotion of surfing in the Philippines.

“The theme of the summit perfectly describes its purpose. Together with the LGU and other stakeholders, three regions have joined forces to continue the discussion and pave the way forward for surfing in our country,” expressed Jeff Ortega, Regional Director for Tourism of Region 1. “We are thrilled to witness Borongan City’s hosting of this summit, as it is a testament to the city’s immense tourism potential and the collaborative efforts of all involved.”

By hosting the National Surf Summit alongside the annual Surf City Borongan competition, the event aims to create a synergistic platform that maximizes the efforts of all involved. Athletes, coaches, LGUs, and national agency officials will have the opportunity to discuss and observe the national competition as part of the summit program.

“Borongan City’s local government unit is committed to supporting other municipalities and fostering unity among residents,” emphasized Mayor Jose Ivan Dayan Agda. “We stand united, and through this summit, we aim to significantly impact the tourism industry in the region and create substantial opportunities for economic development.”

With the Surf City Borongan National Competition serving as an exciting counterpart to the National Surfing Summit, the event is set to be a dynamic celebration of surf culture, uniting surfers and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. The festival will offer an engaging platform for both locals and visitors to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant surf community of Borongan City, creating unforgettable experiences for all participants.

The 2nd National Surfing Summit, along with the Surf City Festival, will take place from November 24th to 30th in Borongan City, Eastern Samar. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as we ride the wave towards an unforgettable event.