British Council’s New Education Agent and Counsellor training and engagement platform launched

The British Council launched a new, free, agent and counsellor training and engagement hub, to help education advisers all around the world better understand the UK education system and the UK as an international study destination.

The British Council has long recognised the critical role that agents and counsellors play in the inward mobility of international students and is committed to investing in their continuous long-term professional development.

The launch of the hub represents every level of UK education and includes information on what international students will need to study at an English Language School, Independent School, College, or Higher Education Provider.  It will provide a one-stop shop for agents and counsellors to engage with the UK as a study destination as a whole.

Agents and counsellors will be able to access the latest topics including:

  • Why should students choose the UK as a study destination?
  • Preparing students for studying and living in the UK.
  • The UK’s visa and immigration system.
  • Employment opportunities and post-study work options.

In addition, international students and their parents will be able to check if their agent has the right level of knowledge via a public-facing searchable database of certified agents.

Jacqui Jenkins, Global Programme Lead, International Students at the British Council, said: 

I’m delighted to say that the new hub offers a full set of resources and is now completely free. Education advisers that are new to the industry can take their time to work through the content, while those that are more experienced can jump straight to the assessment and quickly get certified. We hope that the hub will empower agents and counsellors working with prospective students and provide a better international experience.’

Bobby Mehta, Chair of the British Universities International Liaison Association, said:

‘We are really pleased that the British Council has launched this important facility which is a pivotal tool in the UK’s Agent Quality Framework, sitting alongside the Code of Ethical Practice, Best Practice Guides for Agents, Education Institutions and very importantly, tips to help students select agents.  It underpins the close partnership we have with agents and counsellors to maintain quality and sustain our international recruitment.’