Built Ford Tough

When Ford sent us an email inviting us to join their ‘Media Drive’, I immediately grabbed my wallet and checked the expiration date of my driver’s license. Though I was sure it was valid, a lot was at stake and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

Anticipating that we would be driving the Ranger Raptor, I was disappointed when Ford was only able to provide the Ranger 2.0 Wildtrak 4×4 Biturbo. I quickly got over my disappointment a few minutes into the drive, though, the Wildtrak made me a believer!

At first glance, the 2019 Ranger Wildtrak seemed unchanged from the 2016 update. But upon closer inspection, I noticed that there were a few changes to its exterior design. With a bold new grille, a more distinctively-chiseled lower bumper now offers a broader intake for a more balanced look. Ranger Wildtrak variants boast LED daytime running lights and HID headlights for optimal visibility and vision, as well as a hoop sports bar, roof rails, and bed rails.

The new Ranger’s interior is also home to an array of upgrades. With durable and tactile surface finishes ensuring a long lifespan with a premium touch and feel, the spacious Ranger interior now sports a black theme. Contrasting detailing such as shadow chrome and silver accent stitching help give Ranger’s interior a more luxurious feel.

As a car enthusiast, I’m very meticulous with how a vehicle feels on and off the road. The Ford Ranger just gives you the confidence to tackle any road condition without hesitation. Driving the 2.0 Biturbo engine was a delight as the engine felt at rest at all times. And with the 10-speed automatic transmission, acceleration won’t be an issue with this vehicle.

The Ford Ranger 2.0 Wildtrak 4×4 Biturbo (Left) and XLT variant

I’m also big on smart and safety features and the Ranger Wildtrak offers a plethora of them!

There’s the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) feature, which pre-charges brakes when the vehicle detects pedestrians or other vehicles. Another feature new to the Ranger Wildtrak is the Active Park Assist (APA), which helps drivers find parallel parking spaces and steers itself to a parking spot. There’s also the Adaptive Cruise Control, Smart Keyless System, and push-button start, which in 2019, should be available in all vehicles in my opinion. It’s just way cooler and easier.

Though I would personally prefer the Ranger Raptor (in this instance bigger=better), the Ranger 2.0 Wildtrak 4×4 Biturbo is a close second and, by no means, a slouch.

I should test drive the Raptor next to confirm.

– Lawrence