Causes of the Yanson family feud? – 5

By: Modesto P. Sa-onoy

I WAS about to shift to another theme in this Tele-Ceres of the Yanson family conflict when a media release came out confirming the information about the case of Neuter with additional information that clarifies the cause of Olivia Yanson’s “wrath” against her four children.

I used the name “Neuter” to keep the situation impersonal but the press release under the name “The Sleeping Truth” identified Neuter as Rey Repollo, the vice president for supply and logistics in the company’s Manila Purchasing Office. He is one of the signatories of the MPO checking account. However, Repollo entrusted the signed, blank checks to the MPO cashier, Rowena Sarona contrary to company policy. Sarona cashed in the checks that after an audit proved “too much”. They amounted to P11.8 million.

“The Sleeping Truth” also described Repollo’s lifestyle as well-known and he could place a bet up to P300,000 in a cockfight in a single fight. He and his family have a grand lifestyle and are the constant companions of Olivia Yanson.

This information came out after Leo Rey accused her sister, Celina, that she has an unliquidated P380 million as the finance officer of the company. According to “The Sleeping Truth” the P380 millions were cash withdrawals of Leo Rey as of June 2019. Because of these unexplained withdrawals, the board ousted LRY.

Though the P380 million were under the MPO where Repollo was the responsible employee, it was LRY’s ultimate responsibility and he could not explain. The case of Sarona is just a “small” amount but it tipped off the discovery of a bigger amount of P380 million that Leo Rey tried to blame on Celina. LRY’s public denunciation of Celina forced her to reveal that LRY is the culpable officer.

Indeed, while she is the chief financial officer the disposal of the company’s funds is under the control and therefore the responsibility of the company president. Why did LRY try to pin the unexplained funds when it was his responsibility? I think he just wanted to divert the responsibility by unfairly blaming his sister. That was unkind of him when he could have blamed Rey Repollo who appears just as guilty as Sarona in the loss of company funds.

This tactic usually boomerangs but it now clarifies that Leo Rey was also trying to protect Repollo at the expense of Celina. What is the relationship of Leo Rey with Repollo as to sacrifice his sister to protect someone not of his blood? He only confirmed the reports that he is involved in the diversion of company funds.

Indeed, if he was not involved, why can’t he explain? There are documentary pieces evidence of lawful expenditure that he could have presented then and even now, but he refused to do so. Why? Is not this silence or refusal to explain a tacit admission that the accusations are true? Is not accusing others of what one was asked to explain, cowardly? Leo Rey can put an end to all the fracas with the explanation unless the money reportedly missing cannot be explained without implicating himself.

Another matter that “The Sleeping Truth” revealed is that Repollo is like “an adopted son”. This description is probably just due to the closeness of Repollo to Olivia but without any legal documents to show that he belongs to the family as one of the siblings.

When the board decided to fire Repollo, Olivia intervened and even offered to pay for the missing funds. The board rightly refused because it would not look good before the employees. She took the board’s refusal “personally. She felt her children disobeyed and disrespected her.” What a fantastic thought!

Now that we have this information confirmed by the Yanson 4 media release, I repeat the question I posed earlier: How could a mother go against her children in exchange for the person not of her flesh and blood? Why would she risk the family love and unity and the company that they built just to protectRepollo? What is their relationship that superseded the family and company welfare? She sowed the wind and is now reaping the whirlwind.

The termination of Repollo is not without cause unless what Repollo did was sanctioned by Leo Rey and would lead to the explanation of the unaccounted P380 millions. Protecting Repollo was protecting LRY.

Let’s continue tomorrow.