Character Feature: The Brood Brothers

 By Titus Villanueva

Photos by Sophia Martinez

During a genestealer cult infestation, people from all walks of life flock towards the cult’s open arms. Many of them are workers or hiveworlders who see their lives as mere tools for an oppressive Imperium. Some of them may even be politicians and aristocrats who see the cult as an avenue for change, turning the planet’s political climate in their favor, or maybe they’re under the influence of a psyker’s spell.

Often, many of these men and women are soldiers of the Imperium, no longer able to fight for an Emperor that they deem to be long dead. Why should they? A more real Emperor sits atop a throne beneath the planet, biding his time until the day of ascension comes.

In my cult, they have an entire regiment of the Imperial Guard on their side. These soldiers have seen the light, offering their guns to the true ruler of mankind, the Elder Gods of the void of space. It’s a great excuse to paint tanks, vandalize them and utterly ruin them to the point that most of the Imperium players I know would look at them and cringe. “Oh god! How dare you!”

In tabletop wargaming, everyone has their own unique characters. Even if they buy the same models, there will always be something unique about every player’s piece. In my case, the crimson fatigues of The Regiment of the King in Gold, would be a recognizable sight for many of my opponents. They signify overwhelming numbers, bombardments… and the idea that the cult’s more terrifying members might just be close behind.