Children write letters to express how their parents can love them better

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love! Save the Children Philippines highlights how love may be communicated within the family through love letter writing! Children and teens write love letters to their parents to explain how they desire to be loved more.

“Please po when mad, don’t shout. I’ll try to do better po,” wrote Ed* (not his real name).

Ed* has been meaning to tell his mother about ways she could love him better. “I’m grateful I finally got to say what I wanted to say,” said Ed.

He was one of the many children who participated in Save the Children Philippines’ #LoveLetterChallenge on social media last February 14. Hundreds of children and youth from different parts of the country have submitted their entries as of this writing and many are still welcome to join the campaign.

Save the Children Philippines has been advocating for the shift to Positive Parenting as an approach that emphasizes growth and learning by providing responsive and intentional care and clear, consistent rules and expectations through open communication with children.

“Filipino children themselves desire positive change in their homes and seek closer connections with their families, without the use of physical or humiliating punishment,” said Save the Children Philippines’ Advocacy Manager Atty. Emma Salmani.

Based on Save the Children Philippines’ recent digital survey on positive parenting, a significant majority (58%) of respondents do not believe that physical or verbal punishment ensures children will grow up unruly. Moreover, more than 70% believe it’s possible to discipline children without resorting to punishment.

Jane* (not her real name) wrote in her letter how she hopes her mother can stop screaming at her.

“Mama, this is what I want to say: I love you. Even sometimes you scream at me with your angry face, I still love you for a thousand years!” said Jane* (not her real name).

“We hope the parents listen to what children have to say. As part of our Positive Parenting campaign, we ultimately want to bring families closer together,” said Atty. Salmani.