City’s air quality remains fair to good following Kanlaon eruption

By Mariela Angella Oladive

The latest air quality update for the Metro Iloilo Airshed revealed a mix of fair and good air quality levels after the Mt. Kanlaon eruption on Negros Island on Monday night, June 3.

The Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) Region 6 reported that as of June 6, air quality monitoring stations in Pavia and Iloilo City’s Parola Wharf Station indicated fair air quality.

Meanwhile, stations in La Paz, Iloilo City, and Oton recorded good air quality ratings.

These assessments are based on readings of Particulate Matter 10 (PM10) or smaller in diameter.

PM10 particles, measuring 10 micrometers or smaller, are a significant concern as they can be inhaled and cause health issues, particularly for individuals with respiratory conditions.

Despite the eruption, PM10 levels have remained within normal limits, ensuring that the current air quality poses minimal risk to the community.

The EMB 6 advised that although the general air quality is satisfactory, vulnerable groups, including those with respiratory illnesses, should take extra precautions.

“Air quality varies in time and place and can change anytime depending on pollution sources and meteorological factors,” EMB 6 reported.

According to EMB Regional Director Ramar Niel Pascua, the EMB has six air quality monitoring stations in Iloilo City and five in nearby towns, but only four are currently active since the other two are monitoring air quality in Negros Occidental following the Mt. Kanlaon eruption.

Pascua emphasized their daily monitoring efforts and mentioned their request for sulfur dioxide monitoring equipment from their central office, along with borrowing from other industries. He clarified that he could not comment on social media posts about air quality, as they did not originate from their office.

He advised the public, especially those with respiratory diseases, to take precautions such as wearing face masks when going outside.

The EMB 6 will continue to monitor the air quality closely and provide updates in subsequent bulletins to keep the public informed of any changes.

Overall, the air quality in Metro Iloilo remains stable and safe, providing reassurance to residents in the wake of the volcanic eruption.


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