Cloud seeding in NegOcc halted

An Air Force personnel stacks up salt in an aircraft for use in cloud-seeding. (Photo by UNIFED)

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD CITY – Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson announced that cloud seeding in Negros Occidental has been put on hold due to the risk of lahar flow.

However, cloud seeding in Iloilo will continue, Lacson told reporters Wednesday.

“We decided to put it on hold because it could cause lahar flow,” the governor explained.

He noted, “We were ready to conduct cloud seeding to induce more rain, as many areas need it. However, due to the recent Kanlaon Volcano activity causing lahar flow, we decided to halt the cloud seeding.”

“There is a tendency for lahar to continue flowing, especially if there is heavy rain,” Lacson said.

He mentioned there is no definite timeline for when the cloud seeding will resume.

Lacson stated that they will wait for advice from Phivolcs on when it is safe to conduct cloud seeding.

“We have to make do with the natural rain that is coming in,” he added.

He further said, “All we wanted was to intensify the rain, but unfortunately, Kanlaon Volcano erupted.”