Concrete access roads strengthen connectivity in Guimaras

Concreting of the 1.02-kilometer road connecting various local communities in Sibunag, Guimaras. (Photo courtesy of DPWH, Guimaras DEO)

Remote barangays in the towns of Sibunag and Nueva Valencia in Guimaras will be easily accessed with the road improvement delivered by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)

DPWH Regional Director Nerie D. Bueno said the continuous road concreting projects provide thousands of residents with easier and more convenient access to government services.

“With better road access, people from the far-flung areas could conveniently reach the town proper for their essential needs. At the same time, basic government services such as health, education, social, peace and order, relief assistance and wellness programs can reach even to those who are in the uplands,” Bueno said.

“Likewise, delivery of agricultural products from farms to the market will be easier, less costly and travel time will be reduced, providing our local farmers and agricultural producers with more income for the needs of their families.”

“Paved road is significantly beneficial to our students in their pursuit of educational excellence. They will no longer need to go through ‘muddy when wet and dusty when dry’ roads going to school where sometimes, they used to go barefoot just to preserve their footwear. Now, they can conveniently take public or private transport in order to reach their schools on time and not tired,” RD Bueno stressed.

Meanwhile, District Engineer (DE) Rhodora B. Nuñal said that DPWH Guimaras District Engineering Office aims to pave national and even local roads, in some cases, in order to provide better transportation access.

“We are currently undertaking the concrete paving of the road connecting the barangays of Ayangan, Milan and Maabay in Sibunag, as well as the access road from Barangay Concordia in Sibunag to Barangay Oracon Norte in Nueva Valencia,” DE Rhodora B. Nuñal said.

The ₱16.6-million project connecting barangays in Sibunag involves concrete paving of a 1.02-kilometer long, 5-meter wide-2-way road including the construction of slope protection and concrete headwall in some areas and provision of reflectorized thermoplastic pavement markings.

On the other hand, improvement at the boundary of Sibunag and Nueva Valencia involves concreting of an 800-meter long, 5-meter-wide road, 2-way local road including the provision of reflectorized thermoplastic pavement markings. (DPWH-6)