Cops uncover escape attempt by detainees 

Detainees allegedly attempted to escape from the custodial facility of Police Station 8 in Bacolod City by cutting the ceiling steel bars using a guitar string. (Photo courtesy of Police Station 8)

By Glazyl Y. Masculino

BACOLOD City – Police stopped a group of detainees of Police Station 8 from escaping after discovering the sawed-off steel bars in the station’s ceiling over the weekend.

Police Major Joery Puerto, head of Police Station 8, said they conducted a monthly inspection of the facility last Saturday and discovered the detainees’ escape plan.

Puerto said a visitor of one of the detainees probably sneaked in a guitar string, which was used to cut the steel bar.

He said one or two detainees were believed to have been swapping to cut the steel bar while they were singing worship songs inside the facility.

“Every 6 p.m. abi gakanta gid na da sila religious songs,” Puerto said, adding that the cutting of the steel bar was probably done while there was limited number of personnel at the police station because of election deployment.

Puerto said that some detainees told them that the idea came from some of the alleged drug suspects, who were arrested in a big drug bust.

“In fact, may isa na gani nga naka sulod na sa babaw and nag attempt na gid mag escape pero sang nabati-an niya nga may makadto na police, nag balik siya,” Puerto said.

Puerto said that detainees could pass through the kitchen or the front part of the station to escape.

As of Monday, the police station has 23 male detainees and two female detainees.

Puerto said that 18 of the male detainees are scheduled to be committed to the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP).

“Medyo gutok na sila sa jail, by schedule na sila mag tulog, kay even ang duyan gin kakas na kay gutok na sila,” the station commander added.

Puerto said no contraband was confiscated from the detainees during the inspection.