CSAV upsets Enderun to clinch UNIGAMES Men’s basketball title

The CSAV squad left everything on the court after an epic win against the Enderun giants (Leobert Julian A. de la Peña)

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña


The 2019 UNIGAMES Men’s basketball’s most cardiac-ending game featured two teams who showed the same level of urgency and desire. Both teams battled hard for the championship but in the end only one was crowned.

The Negrenses got the better of the Manileños as the Colegio De Sta Ana De Victorias broke the heart of the Enderun College in Manila in overtime, 85-84.

Height and size disparity was never an issue for CSAV as their hearts prevailed over the powerhouse Enderun team.

The imposing 6’5’’ center of Enderun made his presence felt quickly as he dumped the ball three consecutive times and bullied his way underneath.

With the post-play Enderun had, CSAV was forced to double down low which resulted in easy kick-outs to Enderun’s open shooters, knocking down their first three shots from the three-point line.

Just like their previous games, everybody expected Enderun to run over CSAV as they jumped to a quick 16-1 lead but Jeff Manday, CSAV’s star player took matters into his own hands to spark a 16-0 run that eventually put them ahead, 17-16.

Both teams traded baskets, dazzling isolation moves, and poster dunks that left the University of San Agustin Sambag Gym exploding with every play made.

The half ended 52-51 in favor of CSAV, and Enderun knew they were headed for a tough 2nd half against the gritty Negros team.

The level of intensity was further raised in the second half as both teams started to feel the urgency and pressure to win the title.

The teams continued their hot start, trading baskets with neither team giving an inch that forced the game into overtime.

In the overtime period it was the final play that allowed CSAV to grab the title off a game-winning alley-oop from Manday to their center.