DA 6 pushes synchronous planting for wet season

By Mariela Angella Oladive

The Department of Agriculture (DA) in Western Visayas is actively encouraging farmers to implement “synchronous planting” as the wet planting season begins.

This method aims to enhance water management efficiency and mitigate pest-related risks in agricultural fields, according to Joie Guimaray, Agriculturist I from DA 6, during a recent session of Usapang Agrikultura on a local radio program.

“We urge farmers to adopt synchronous planting because it helps in efficiently managing water resources, particularly for those who depend on National Irrigation Administration (NIA) water sources. It also aids in reducing pest infestations by disrupting their life cycles. Synchronizing harvest times further minimizes opportunities for pests to reproduce,” Guimaray said.

Synchronous planting refers to a method of planting crops where seeds or seedlings are planted simultaneously across a large area or field.

The practice ensures uniform growth and maturity of crops, leading to better yields and easier field management.

In addition to promoting synchronous planting, DA 6 has also advised farmers to seek guidance from agricultural technicians at their respective Municipal Agriculture Offices without hesitation.