Dallas annihilates Boston in Game 4 to stay alive in the NBA Finals

Luka Doncic and Dallas refused to go home and stole Game 4 from Boston (Getty Images)

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

The Dallas Mavericks pulled off one of the most lopsided wins in NBA Finals history after decimating the Boston Celtics in Game 4, 122-84, to avoid a sweep and stay alive in their championship hunt on June 15, 2024.

It was the third-biggest win in an NBA Finals game behind Chicago’s 96-54 1998 NBA Finals win over Utah and Boston’s 131-92 win over the Lakers in 2008.

Eager to steal the game to avoid a disappointing sweep in front of their home court, the Mavericks found their shooting touch early in the game and stayed connected with the rim until the final buzzer sounded.

It was Dallas’ most consistent scoring performance in this series so far and it was massive enough that it forced the Celtics to pull out all of their starters when the final 12 minutes of the game kicked off.

Right from the get-go, the Mavericks quickly did what they had to do, and that was to pack the paint with their ability to score in a variety of ways.

Luka Doncic spearheaded Dallas’ early scoring avalanche after schooling every Boston defender thrown at him, already hitting the 20-point mark with still two quarters to go.

Doncic was in full attack mode and didn’t hesitate in attacking the Boston defense, settling for the easier shot than firing a higher percentage in his step back treys.

Kyrie Irving was also spectacular in the game, backstopping Doncic when the Slovenian star took a breather on the bench.

Dallas had 60 points in the shaded lane to wrap up the win, their most points piled up in the interior through all the four games finished in the ongoing NBA Finals series.

Doncic top-scored for the Mavericks and stuffed the stat sheets with 29 big points, five rebounds, five assists, and three steals.

Meanwhile, his backcourt partner, Irving, produced 21 markers, six dimes, and four rebounds in just 30 minutes of playing time.

The Mavericks will look to avoid elimination again on June 18, 2024, as they are set to fly back to Boston for Game 5 of the NBA Finals.