Defensor’s aide slams unexplained wealth rap

Ruel Von D. Superio

AN EXECUTIVE assistant of Iloilo Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. accused of accumulating wealth denied the charges against him before fellow employees on Mar 4, 2019.

Ruel Von D. Superio spoke after the flag raising ceremony at the Capitol in response to the administrative complaint filed by former Iloilo Provincial Administrator Manuel “Boy” Mejorada.

In a seven-page administrative complaint filed with the Office of the Ombudsman, Mejorada claimed that Superio “lived an extravagant and ostentatious lifestyle” that was far beyond his means, acquiring two brand-new cars in just three years and a house and lot.

But Superio said the real owner of the cars is his sister who also works at the Capitol and is married to a seafarer.

Superio said he lives simply and even borrowed money in order to buy his personal car.

“The (Toyota) Altis is my sister’s (which she bought) in 2011 and later sold in 2016. My older sister also owns a Rav 4 and modesty aside, my sister’s husband is a ship captain. My personal car, a brown Vios, was acquired in 2011. The installment is five years, and the monthly amortization is P13,555,” he said.

Superio added that he borrowed money from a fellow employee for the down payment of his car which remains unpaid.

He also denied accusations that he frequently travels abroad. He cited his passport indicating that his most recent foreign trips were in 2011 and 2013.

Superio said his travels were far from ostentatious as he and his fellow employees bought economy tickets and stayed with friends to save money.

He added that he rose through the ranks during his 20-year employment at the Capitol, from being a clerk at the engineer’s office to his current post.

“I’ve been here since 1999. I strived to finish my law studies while working here. All of you could attest whether or not I asked money from contractors,” he said.

Superio added that the case is malicious, as Mejorada only wants to paint Defensor and other employees as corrupt.

“That’s not right. I’m the first target and maybe one of us will soon be the subject of his false stories. If someone can attest or prove that I asked money from contractors, come forward because I will resign. I did not steal even a cent. I’m contented with my life right now,” he said.



In a statement, Mejorada said Superio may have dug a deeper hole after the latter’s public statement.

“If I understand Mr. Superio right, he lied under oath. He is now saying that the Toyota Altis belongs to his sister who is married to a ship captain. But his SALN states that he acquired a brand new Altis in 2011 and obtained bank financing for it. His SALN in subsequent years showed he paid the amortization religiously and fully paid it in 2015,” Mejorada said.

Mejorada also said that in 2014, Superio reported having bought a brand new Toyota Vios, again, via bank financing. In 2014, he reported owning the Altis and Vios units using borrowed money.

“Now which is which? Which is the lie and which is the truth? If this is the line of reasoning he will give the Ombudsman, then he will be found guilty for serious dishonesty. Also he can be charged for perjury,” Mejorada said.