DENR chief to pursue innovative policies for sustainable mining

DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu speaks at the 9th Visayas Minerals and Energy Summit in District 21 Hotel, Iloilo City. (DENR-6)

WITH the government’s “Build, Build, Build Program”, there is greater need to sustain the supply of mineral resources such as iron (as steel), clay in bricks and roofing tiles and limestone, to mention a few.

In accelerating infrastructure building around key areas in the country, massive amounts of energy and mineral resources are required.

In his message during the recent 9th Visayas Mineral and Energy Summit in May 2019, Environment Secretary Roy A. Cimatu underscored the necessity to strike a balance between sustainable mining and economic development for the country.

“The Environment Department continues to exert efforts in coming up with new and innovative policies to strike a balance between the interests of the mining and mineral extraction industry, the host or affected communities, and the sectors opposed to mining,” he said.

Cimatu also underscored the good opportunity to boost the mineral and energy industry but in a sustainable manner.

The Summit’s theme, “Minerals and Energy-Indispensable in the government’s Build, Build, Build program,” aims to accelerate infrastructure building to induce development, industry growth, creation of jobs, and improvement of people’s lives with the minerals and energy industry

Cimatu expressed confidence that members of the PSEM have the capacity to help bring out the good side of the mining industry.

SECRETARY Cimatu receives a Plaque of Appreciation from the Philippine Society of Mining Engineers (PSEM) for keynoting the 9th Visayas Minerals and Energy Summit. (DENR-6)

“I know that many of you, mining engineers here, have this innovative mind and caring heart to balance development and environmental protection. With your expertise, you can make good of this industry without hurting our environment,” he said.

Cimatu said the summit will bring positive results and help the mining and mineral industry to economically rise up again. He also believes that sustainability built on the environment is a vital concern for all of us.

The Philippine Society of Mining Engineers, Inc. (PSEM) is an association of Mining Engineers in the Philippines that aims to help to individuals and to advance the welfare of the mining engineers and additionally, the general public.

Their main goal is “to give projects and improve chances to its individuals to work dependably as experts for the advancement of a suitable minerals industry with regards to practical improvement.” (DENR-6)