DOT-6 joins Baye-Baye Festival launching

The Department of Tourism (DOT) in Region VI supports the launching of the first ever Baye-Baye Festival in Barangay Cabugao Sur, Santa Barbara Iloilo on March 23, 2019.

The barangay is known for their legacy as the top Baye-Baye makers for over 50 years now. The Baye-Baye festival focuses on showcasing the new flavors of the delicacy and attracting more tourists to try other local products.

The highlight of the festival is the two-day eat all you can Baye-Baye which offers different flavors for the guests and locals to try. Barangay Cabugao Sur Council headed by Mrs. Marisol J. Lacorte initiated the festival by gathering all famous Baye-Baye makers and promoting their native delicacies.

Baye-Baye is a native delicacy made from pinipig mixed with coconut and sugar. It is sold in numerous stalls lining the highway of Santa Barbara. Locals in Cabugao Sur claim that their version of the Baye-Baye is one of a kind because of the unique flavors they add to it.

“Department of Tourism Region VI encourages the community to strengthen its local products since Cabugao Sur and the neighboring barangays have a big potential to become a one stop food destination,” said DOT-6 Regional Director Atty. Helen J. Catalbas said. (TJP)