Dried fish market boost through S&T

ANABELLE Caro receives her award as one of the Best Provincial SETUP Adoptor

ANABELLE CARO almost gave up her business due to high product returns caused by rapid product deterioration and short shelf life until science and technology came to intervene in the business.

In 2000, the company was established with a stall located at Iloilo Central Market and additional two mall stores. The owner was on the verge of giving up, given that the quality of the products deteriorated quickly and have short shelf-life, which resulted to an increased number of returned items.

The company availed technical intervention and assistance offered by Department of Science and Technology (DOST) through Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program – Innovation System Support Fund (SETUP-ISSF) and Food Safety Consultancy, which helped the business improve the quality of their products, production efficiency and acquire a License to Operate from FDA.

The intervention brought by DOST through the provision of equipment such as agricultural dryer, vacuum sealer machine, PE transparent bottom seal MAP bag, stainless steel table for dried fish and chest freezer, has significantly increased its production capacity by 130% on a weekly basis for dried pusit, guma-a, danggit, tabagak and isda-bato.

Because of this, the company became confident again that it can reach the leading edge through the help of science and technology.

Thelmie’s Dried Fish has now gained market boost and started offering quality products to its customers and different malls in Western Visayas. This has become the product of hard work and tenacity of Ms. Caro, coupled with the assistance from the DOST.

Presently, Thelmie’s Dried Fish is one among the leading suppliers of dried fish in thirty malls and supermarkets all over Western Visayas. Being one among the acknowledged adoptors of the DOST VI programs and services, the owner together with its staff, guaranteed that it will produce good quality products, just like tabagak, pusit, isda-bato, boneless danggit, squid rings, dilis, boneless dilis, kalkag, fish tapa, and palad flakes.

Thelmie’s Dried Fish was awarded as one of the Provincial Best SETUP Adoptors during the opening program of the Regional Science and Technology Week 2018 last August 29, 2018 held at Robinsons Place Roxas City, Capiz.

Aside from the SETUP-ISSF the company also availed of the following services from DOST: Packaging and Labeling Services, Manufacturing Productivity Extension Program (MPEX) Consultancy, Operations Review, Business System Assessment and Improvement Training, andSwabbing of Food Contact Surfacesand Food Safety Consultancy Program.

Its products are also featured in OneStore.ph, the online shopping website of DOST which can be accessed through http://onestore.ph/index.php/home/vendor/114/DOST-VI-Regional-Hub. (DOST-6/J.R.A Gabiota)