DTI-6 enhances presentation skills with expert-led training

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Region 6, in its continuing commitment to nurturing professional growth and development, organized a training on Effective Presentation Skills for a select group of individuals from the organization’s top management, provincial directors, senior staff, division chiefs, unit heads, and frontliners.

The training, held on August 14, 2023 at the DTI Regional Office VI, aimed to equip participants with essential skills and strategies for delivering impactful presentations.

The resource speaker for this enlightening session was none other than Jonathan De Luzuriaga, an esteemed industry leader, President of the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) and CEO of Spring Valley Tech Corp.

De Luzuriaga, who partners with DTI Region 6 in IT-BPM activities, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the forefront.  He is no stranger to the art of effective communication, having played an essential role in establishing the Philippines’ software industry during the early 2000s. His tenure as the Industry Affairs Executive Director of the Business Process Association of the Philippines also exemplify his mastery of effective communication strategies.

The training covered an array of crucial topics designed to enhance presentation skills and communication effectiveness. Participants delved into self-assessment to identify their unique communication styles and preferences. They also explored various types of presentations, learning how to tailor their approach based on different contexts and audiences.

One of the highlights of the training was De Luzuriaga’s insights on transforming good presentations into exceptional ones. Participants learned practical techniques for elevating their content, delivery, and engagement levels, making their presentations truly stand out. In today’s digital age, the importance of virtual communication was not overlooked. The training also provided valuable guidelines for conducting effective presentations through videoconferencing platforms.

With an emphasis on a holistic approach, the training extended to the art of crafting presentation materials. Attendees gained insights into designing visually appealing and information-rich materials that complemented their spoken content.

Taking the learning experience to new heights, the participants were given an opportunity to showcase their newfound skills on the spot. The impromptu presentation segment allowed them to put theory into practice and receive real-time feedback, fostering confidence in their abilities.

The event received commendable feedback from the participants, who appreciated the hands-on and interactive nature of the training. The skills acquired are expected to have a positive ripple effect throughout the organization, improving internal communication, stakeholder engagement, and overall professionalism.

DTI R6 OIC-RD Ermelinda P. Pollentes is hopeful for positive outcomes from the training especially in the delivery of a “Serbisyong Higit Pa sa Inaasahan” from the participants. DTI Region 6 remains committed in fostering the professional growth of its staff, recognizing the key role that effective communication skills hold in today’s ever-changing business and digital landscape.