Eastern Communications launches CIXA Security Solution

The widespread digital adoption has brought significant transformations and advantages but also introduced new and evolving challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. The rampant cyber threats emerging from technological advancements today have prompted businesses to prioritize cyber resilience.

With this, businesses in the Philippines are urged to augment their IT security. The National Cybersecurity Index (NCSI) ranked the country 48th out of 176 countries in terms of how it measures cybersecurity and preparedness for cyber threats with a score of 63.64%.  In fact, in 2022, three out of four organizations in the Philippines experienced a cyber incident, which is much higher than the APAC average (59%).

Moreover, cybercriminals continue to transform their attack methods. Companies have reportedly experienced numerous cyber threats in the form of malware, phishing, and password theft.

Thus, securing critical data and information has been a long-standing mission of ICT solutions provider Eastern Communications. The company strengthens its portfolio of world-class cybersecurity services with its newest endpoint security offering, Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced (CIXA).

CIXA is a cloud-based, comprehensive security platform that protects organizations from advanced cyber threats. It combines advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR), anti-malware, and machine learning-based protection to detect and prevent malicious activity from causing disruption.

The solution offers a number of benefits for businesses of all sizes. Through CIXA, companies can prevent data breaches, ransomware attacks, phishing emails, and advanced malware, and provide endpoint security for the customers. It also provides advanced threat detection and real-time response capabilities, assisting businesses in detecting and responding to attacks in a timely and effective manner.

Additionally, the platform is highly scalable, making it easy to deploy and manage.

“We’re proud to introduce CIXA at a time when businesses need it most. With CIXA, businesses of all sizes can guarantee more proactive threat prevention, advanced malware protection, scalability, and flexibility toward cyber resilience,” said Edsel Paglinawan, Eastern Communications Vice President and Head of Product and Innovation.

Eastern Communications recommends CIXA for industries that are looking for flexible and cost-efficient cybersecurity solutions that don’t require investing in new hardware or technology. CIXA also provides synchronized protection for network, mobile, cloud (AWS, GCP, and Azure) wireless, email, and more. Users can also monitor it anywhere and conveniently integrate other network security products into one management console system.

With the accessibility and competitive pricing of CIXA software, businesses can now leverage advanced cybersecurity solutions that best fit their needs.

“As digital adoption becomes more crucial today, Eastern Communications continues to remain agile and innovative as we continue to encourage businesses to evolve,” Paglinawan added.

Eastern offers a suite of cybersecurity solutions, including Next Generation Firewall, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), Endpoint Security, and protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. These solutions are designed to cater to varying security needs depending on the level of protection that each business requires. Eastern aims to further establish its presence in the ICT industry in the coming years to assist businesses and allow them to harness secure and stronger connections.

To learn more about Eastern Communications’ ICT services, visit eastern.com.ph.