Energy price on the rise?

The Philippines remains one of the countries in Southeast Asia with the most expensive electricity. The country has witnessed a surge in the price of imported fuel and resources such as coal in the world market over the past years. Due to this, power generation costs are at an all-time high and are being passed on to consumers.

The energy crisis is real. And seeing this, a team of Filipino engineers and experts is offering a solution to these energy woes, particularly to big businesses in the Philippines.

Founded by Filipinos and Ateneo graduates Sergius Santos, Matt Tan, and Bradley Cua, SolX provides an innovative end-to-end digital energy solutions platform that can help businesses make cost-effective decisions with their energy consumption.

Supported by New Energy Nexus and backed by Foxmont Capital and Japanese institutional investor, Leave a Nest Capital, SolX is on a mission to help companies identify the best type of power contract, the best Retail Electricity Supplier​​ (RES) to work with, and negotiate the best value for money. These are all done through SolX’s digital demand-supply matching platform.

Awarding partnership agreements and investments from Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. to SOLX Technologies Inc. (From L-R: Leave a Nest Philippines Managing Director Yevgeny Aster Dulla, SolX Co-Founder and Senior Vice President Bradley Cua, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd Co-President Dr. Shuichiro Takahashi, and SolX Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Sergius Angelo Santos)

“With almost every major Philippine conglomerate venturing into energy, we at SolX believe that our technology can serve as an exponential multiplier for all stakeholders,” said Sergius Santos, CEO of SolX. “To date, our system has helped our clients save an average of 25% or over Php 300,000,000 on their energy costs by going a level deeper and providing them contract optimization and insights on demand charges to further the savings.”

As an energy multiplier solution, SolX provides its clients their much-needed help in terms of analyzing their energy needs and enabling them to find the right supplier. Not only that, but SolX also has a real-time energy monitoring system that generates data and analytics on their clients’ energy consumption to assist them in making cost-effective decisions.

Solx’s technology is trusted by key brands in the country and some of their clients include Converge, Bounty Farms and Bounty Fresh, Pryce Gas, Splash Corporation, Asian Coatings (Rain or Shine), Digital Edge, Steel Corporation of the Philippines, and Bestpak Packaging among others.

“The 2020-2040 Philippine Energy Plan (PEP) advocates for the development and use of existing and emerging technologies in the most efficient and sustainable manner. Our technology is your best choice in finding the perfect energy supplier for your business as we connect you directly to the right power plants through the right retail electricity suppliers to select the best energy portfolio for you,” added Matt Tan, COO of SolX.

As energy prices continue to rise, there is one solution that will help you efficiently and effectively manage your costs and consumption all in one platform. And the best part is, it’s 100% made by Filipinos for the Philippines.