England nips the Netherlands to reach Euro 2024 championship round

Ollie Watkins celebrates after firing the cold-blooded game-winning goal (Bernd Thissen/picture alliance via Getty Images)

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

For the second straight time, England just qualified for the grand final round of the UEFA European Football Championship after edging the Netherlands, 2-1, in the semifinal stage on July 11, 2024.

Ollie Watkins was a man on a mission for England after providing the game-sealing goal during the first minute of the extension period.

The most important conversion for England came after Cole Palmer found the trailing Watkins who fired the sharp attempt in the corner around the penalty area.

After England broke the 1-1 deadlock after 90 minutes of physical battle, their fans suddenly screamed in joy, causing pandemonium at the BVB Stadium Dortmund in Germany.

It wasn’t the start that England envisioned after the Netherlands jumped early into the lead courtesy of a goal from Xavi Simons just seven minutes into the match.

Eager to counter back and level the scoring field, England’s veteran star Harry Kane cruised past the Netherlands’ goalkeeper after finding the back of the net during a penalty situation.

After the 1-1 deadlock, both squads figured in a highly physical chess match and needed an extension period to add another goal to the scoring tally.

All thanks to Watkins, England just escaped a tough challenge from the Netherlands and kept their Euro championship hunt alive.

England is looking to bounce back after losing the championship match against Italy during the 2020 edition of UEFA.

The Brits had the chance to raise their first-ever championship trophy but Italy denied their hopes when the match reached the penalty shootout, 3-2.

Standing England’s way in their title aspirations is Spain who earlier took down France, 2-1, in the other semifinal bracket matchup.


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