Female jail dorm congested due to increasing drug raps

By: Emme Rose Santiagudo

THE Bureau of Jail Management and Penology-Iloilo City District Jail (BJMP-ICDJ) female dormitory is 739.28 percent congested because of the increasing number of persons deprived of liberty (PDL) or inmates facing drug cases.

According to Senior Insp. Cheryyl Jamolo, ICDJ warden, 217 of the 233 total population of the female dormitory (92.34 percent) are facing drug charges.

“Sa subong, we have 233 PDLs and 92 percent gid ang drug cases,” Jamolo said.

Jamolo added that the number of PDLs involved in drug cases increased following the launch of the government’s war on illegal drugs.

“Unfortunately, the ICDJ is 739.28 percent congested. Currently, the cell area in each five cells is 132.8 square meters but the ideal jail capacity should only be 28 PDLs or 4.7 square meters per PDL. However, the number of detainees ballooned to 233 in the five cell areas,” Jamolo said.

But she assured that they are their best to attend to the needs of the PDLs.

“Aside sa mga religious activities nga gina-provide sang stakeholders, ginatinguhaan gid namon nga may monthly health check-up including dental and optical mission,” she said.

Livelihood trainings such as bead-making, rag making, cross-stitching, manicure/pedicure, and gift wrapping services are also offered to detainees.

“It can help them gain extra income since their products are being displayed during trade fairs,” she said.

Out of the 233 detainees, Jamolo said 65 underwent drug dependency examination (DDE) after appealing for a plea bargain.

“65 sa PDL nag-undergo DDE kay nag plea bargain sila. Waiting ining 65 and depende sa results sang DDE kung ma-rehab sila nga patient rehab or in house lang,” Jamolo said.

On Dec, 28, 2018, the detainees received hygiene kits and amplifier as part of the annual gift-giving activity of the Iloilo City Hall Press Corps, Inc.

Aside from the hygiene kits, the detainees were also provided hot meals.

The gift giving activity, which is already on its 17th year, was co-sponsored by SM City, Global Business Power Corp., More Electric Power Corp., and Panay Electric Company.

Runji Jamolo, Iloilo City Hall Press Corps president and Radyo Pilipinas Broadcast production supervisor, said the PDLs also need the care of the community.

“If only this can give them the hope to look forward to be reunited with their families. We keep this tradition as our continued belief that the PDLs also have needs despite the conflicts they have with the law,” she said.