Fisherman reported missing in Pontevedra

By Glazyl Y. Masculino


BACOLOD City – The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) – Negros Occidental is conducting search and rescue operation following a report about a fisherman who went missing after he was swept by strong water current in Pontevedra, Negros Occidental last Friday.

The victim was identified as Teodoro Castellano, 39, of Barangay Burgos.

Commander Ludovico Librilla Jr., head of PCG-Negros Occidental, said Castellano and his companion Reynold Catalan, 26, of Barangay Miranda went fishing early Friday.

But while they were pulling their fishnet out of the water, their water container fell into the sea due to big waves that hit their fishing boat.

Librilla said Castellano decided to jump into the water to retrieve the container but he struggled to swim back to their fishing boat, prompting Catalan to rescue him by using a fishnet.

But the fishnet got untied and the boat was swept by the big waves.

Catalan threw the water container to Castellano so that the latter can use it as a flotation device, but he suddenly sank into the sea.

After hours of searching in the area, Catalan decided to return to the shoreline of Barangay Miranda and reported the incident to Castellano’s family.

Seven fishing boats departed to search for Castellano but failed to proceed in the area due to big waves and strong winds.

As of 11AM Monday, Castellano is still missing, Librilla said.