Flood control structure built to protect residents along Makato River in Aklan

The 152-lineal meter revetment wall built along Makato River in Brgy. POblacion, Makato, Aklan. (Photo courtesy of DPWH-Aklan DEO)

Residents living near Makato River in Aklan are protected from possible threats of water overflow with the completion of the flood control structure undertaken by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Aklan District Engineering Office.

The ₱18.61-million flood control project involves the construction of a 152-lineal meter reinforced concrete revetment wall on steel sheet pile foundation. This is an addition to the existing 405 lineal meters structure built downstream in 2018.

Citing a report from District Engineer (DE) Alejandro M. Ventilacion, DPWH-6 Regional Director Lea N. Delfinado said approximately 200 residents of Brgy. Poblacion in Makato, Aklan are living near the river banks.

“This (flood control) structure will serve as defense against flash floods and erosion of the river bank, protecting the houses near the river. Also, the livelihood people in the area depend on agricultural produce, hence, the revetment wall will protect their source of income,” Engr. Delfinado said.

“This will serve as protection of the national road from possible rising of river water, making the road open to the motorists and the riding public all the time,” she added.

Meantime, Engr. Ventilacion said the 310-lineal meter flood control structure along Aklan River in Brgy. Napnot in Madalag town is also completed. The prject cost ₱46.65 million.

It includes the construction of reinforced concrete revetment wall on Reinforced Concrete Sheet Pile foundation with Portland Concrete Cement Pavement (PCCCP) as upper bank protection.

“The structure serves as protection not only to lives and livelihood of roughly 28,000 residents in the area but protects the provincial road, which serves as the only access going to the neighboring town of Libacao,” Engr. Ventilacion said.

“Thus, with this flood control structure, the provincial road will be protected from possible cut-off especially when heavy rains occur, hence, flow of the delivery of basic goods and services will not be hampered,” he added. (DPWH-6/RPAIO)