Foreigner, street pusher nabbed for ‘selling shabu, suspected party drugs’

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A Polish national and an alleged drug pusher were both arrested after they were allegedly caught trading suspected drugs afternoon of Nov. 4 on Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan.

Police only identified the suspects as Dustin, the 23-year-old Polish national, and Rosilito, a resident of Barangay Napaan, Malay.

According to reports, patrolling members of the Malay Municipal Police Station caught Dustin handing Rosilito money in exchange for suspected drugs.

Lieutenant Colonel Dainis Amuguis, Malay police chief, said that an informant approached his two policemen claiming an illegal transaction between the two suspects at the area of D’Mall in Barangay Balabag.

The informant was allegedly at a guard house and saw the incident.

It appeared that it wasn’t the first time Rosilito, a commissioner or a person engaged in facilitating water sports activities, also made the same transaction but with a different client.

When the two policemen approached them, a sachet of suspected shabu fell on the ground.

Amuguis said Rosilito also threw the drugs in his hand on the ground.

“That’s why, we had to put a police line in the area to secure the evidence,” he said.

Recovered from the suspects were cash of P1,050, four sachets of suspected shabu, another two sachets of what could be cocaine, and a plastic sachet containing four tablets of suspected party drugs.

Amuguis insisted that the party drugs were fake.

“We have yet to get the result of the laboratory test to ascertain if it was indeed party drugs,” he said.

Police are also investigating who brokered the deal since Dustin had been in Boracay for only two days prior to his arrest.

Amuguis said the two suspects have been keeping their silence, as of this writing.