GCash wins at 2024 Stevie Awards for Innovation

Nikka Angeles, GCash Head of Total Experience Assurance and Advocacy, receives the award.

GCash, the Philippines’ leading financial app and largest cashless ecosystem, has received top honors at the 2024 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards, underscoring its commitment to digital innovation and customer satisfaction.

The awards ceremony, held at the Shangri-La The Fort Hotel on May 24, recognized GCash with a Gold Award for the Innovative Use of Technology in Customer Service and a Silver Award for Innovation in Digital Transformation under the Financial Services Industries category.

GCash’s innovative approach aims to provide a seamless customer experience across all demographics. The company has introduced tools to promptly address customer needs, breaking barriers to financial inclusion.

“Winning the Stevie Awards affirms our belief that caring for our customers and employees should always be No. 1—whomever they are, and no matter how many they are,” said Nikka Angeles, Head of Total Experience Assurance and Advocacy at GCash. “I’m very proud to say that at GCash, we create experiences with caring at scale at the core.”

To maintain its reputation as a reliable financial partner, GCash prioritizes system availability and the seamless execution of financial transactions, alongside regular updates to its safety and security features. These measures ensure that users can trust the platform as a secure place to manage their finances.

In addition to technological advancements, GCash is committed to corporate governance and responsible business practices. The company upholds high standards of ethical decision-making, transparency, and accountability to build trust among stakeholders. The commitment extends to employee welfare, diversity, and inclusion, creating a high-performance culture that attracts top talent.

GCash’s success in the Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards is a testament to its continuous innovation in fintech and its dedication to customer and employee satisfaction. “For us, this is more than just recognition,” Angeles added.

“This is fuel for our teams to deliver our projects.” GCash’s ethos of caring at scale—from users to employees and the wider community—drives its mission to provide Finance For All, serving Filipinos in the Philippines and beyond.