German national shot dead in own house 

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A German national was shot dead inside his own house in San Enrique, Iloilo early evening of Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

Otto Wolfgang Alexander Knorr, 72, was alone inside the home he shared with his Filipina wife at Barangay Camiri when the incident happened.

Police reports said a gunman barged in and shot the victim.

The elderly victim managed to run outside their home while shouting for his wife Cristy’s name.

But around 30 meters away from their home, it was theorized that a second gunman shot him again while he was on the roadside asking for help.

A neighbor claimed that she heard at least three successive gunfire volleys.

Seconds later, she heard Knorr shouting and calling for his wife. The neighbor surmised that it sounded like a plea for help.

Knorr suffered gunshot wounds on the head.

He was rushed to Don Valerio Plamares Sr. District Hospital in Passi City but did not pull through.

Reports claimed that the suspects fled on board a motorcycle.

Recovered from the crime scene were casings for caliber .9mm and caliber .40 ammunitions and a slug.

Major Robert Jayson Pancha, San Enrique police chief, said the victim’s wife left for Bacolod City prior to the incident.

The wife hails from Bacolod City but the couple decided to stay in San Enrique town after they purchased a lot and subsequently built their home a decade ago.

Neighbors claimed Knorr was a good person and has no enemies.

But Pancha said the couple filed cases against four persons for failing to honor their loans.

Three of them are from San Enrique while the other is from Passi City.

While police have yet to identity the suspects, the motive could be business-related.