Get better: Be whatever is needed!

By Lcid Crescent Fernandez

We are in a generation that continuously gives itself excuses to accept mediocrity. There are some of us that literally go through social media to get one piece of content to validate their lack of drive to push themselves. 

I see this tweet being shared all the time:

“‘Diamonds are formed under pressure.’

And bread dough rises when you let it rest.”

Sometimes, it has an extended version that accompanies it:

“The same boiling water that softens the potato will harden the egg.”

To generalize these statements and use them as justification for not pushing yourself is ridiculous. Both statements are true, but what does the moment require?

Do you want to be a diamond? Then put in the work and let the pressure break down the weak parts of your being to allow you to shine.

Do you need to rest to fight another day? Then lie down and get your sleep.

Don’t negotiate with yourself! Is your goal to work harder and push farther? Then work and push. Is your goal to relax and recharge? Then relax and recharge. But if you set out on a goal to lose weight, to study more, to work harder, to take care of yourself better or to GET BETTER; that’s an obligation you have to yourself. You’re only cheating yourself when you decide to not get up on the day that you’re supposed to work, or when you decide to catch up on backlogs on days where you’re supposed to take care of yourself.

I had this same conversation with a few friends a couple weeks ago, and they told me “that’s a mentality you can afford because you own your business, but for us that just work jobs, we’re just helping the capitalists.” That’s another goddamned excuse to accept mediocrity. If you just wanna do your job then just do your goddamned job. That has nothing to do with you deciding to pursue a goal. If you signed that contract with yourself that you’re going to be this, then your body and mind should be working to get you to a position to be that. Everything else that you consume to justify not working to get to that position is an excuse, and you have missed out on the opportunity to be great. You have accepted mediocrity.

If you don’t want to get better, and you’re alright with where you are in life then good for you. If you want to stay the same and use excuses to justify not pushing yourself, this column and this series are not for you. I’m speaking directly to the people that want to get better, to change themselves for themselves. These are the people who reject mediocrity in an age where it’s become so easy to accept it. These are for the people who are ready to chase their own greatness. 

And greatness demands everything. 

Be the diamond. Be the goddamned dough. Be whatever is needed to get better.

It’s all about mindset; How you talk to and view yourself in your journey to be a better you. Every monday, we’re going to talk about getting better.