Globe partners with GSMA to boost digital innovation

Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO (L), and Julian M. Gorman, GSMA Asia Pacific Head, sign an MOU marking Globe’s entry into GSMA’s Open Gateway.

Globe Telecom has made a significant leap in digital innovation by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the GSM Association (GSMA).

The partnership aims to enhance the interoperability and delivery of mobile services across different networks globally through collaboration and standardization.

The strategic alliance grants Globe access to the GSMA Open Gateway, an Applications Programming Interface (API) facility.

The initiative marks a transformative shift in the telecom industry, enabling the design and delivery of services within an API-driven economy.

By utilizing a standardized set of open-source APIs, developers and cloud providers can access operator networks through single points of entry, facilitating rapid service deployment across the world’s largest connectivity platform.

Additionally, the GSMA Open Gateway unlocks the full potential of 5G networks, allowing developers to create impactful services leveraging 5G capacity and security.

“Today marks a milestone for Globe as we embrace the GSMA Open Gateway initiative, teaming up with 40 mobile network operators to develop Mobile Network Open APIs,” said Ernest L. Cu, President and CEO of Globe, during the MOU signing event attended by Julian M. Gorman, GSMA Asia Pacific Head.

“This groundbreaking effort allows real-time access and interconnection with the Globe network via open global APIs, opening up numerous opportunities for delivering more value to our customers and generating new revenue streams,” Cu said.

Gorman welcomed Globe to the initiative, saying, “It’s great news that Globe Telecom and the mobile industry in the Philippines are getting behind our global GSMA Open Gateway initiative.”

“By doing so, they’re helping developers gain universal access to operator networks both within the country and around the world through a set of common APIs. This will help drive the mobile economy and the launch of new services that deliver better customer experiences, combat fraud, and unleash new functionality in 5G networks. We welcome Globe Telecom to this innovative new programme,” he added.

The GSMA Open Gateway launched with eight network APIs, including SIM Swap API, Quality on Demand API, Device Status API, Number Verification API, Simple Edge Discovery API, One Time Password (SMS) API, Carrier Billing – Check Out API, and Device Location API. These APIs enable a wide range of capabilities, from enhancing security and fraud prevention to facilitating secure authentication and enabling location-based services.

Globe recognizes the potential of these common APIs in various sectors such as eHealth, agritech, emergency services, carbon accounting, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Open APIs can also benefit industries like education, entertainment, secure eCommerce, and transportation through improved integrations and user experiences.

“Leveraging open APIs across various sectors will help us significantly scale our ICT portfolio, even as we pursue our mission to solve our customers’ pain points at scale. Enabling seamless integration and innovation will significantly help API development and improve user experiences,” Cu added.

The Open Gateway will also allow Globe to optimize its 5G network for IoT and deliver exceptional services for both individual and business customers.

“We are incredibly grateful to GSMA for providing an opportunity for mobile network operators to explore and unlock the potential of Open APIs and 5G technology. GSMA’s vision and initiative have paved the way for groundbreaking solutions across multiple industries, enhancing how we live and work. We look forward to continued collaboration, driving innovation, and delivering transformative solutions to our customers,” Cu said.