Globe Platinum launches exclusive online portal for elevated customer experience

Aiming to disrupt the premium postpaid landscape, Globe launched The Platinum Series digital hub on September 11, transforming the way its distinguished customers interact, transact, and experience Globe Platinum services.

The portal,, was designed exclusively for Globe Platinum subscribers and aims to amplify the brand’s thrust to give curated access to lifestyle perks.

The Platinum Series website is a one-stop digital hub that allows customers to unlock a world of perks in one place. With their Platinum mobile numbers, subscribers can easily access and explore an exclusive marketplace, book unparalleled experiences online, and access content that informs and relates to their lifestyle.

More than a platform, it represents an invitation for users to elevate their lifestyle and join a distinctive community that redefines what it means to live the Platinum life.

“As the world around us changes, our commitment to offering our customers unparalleled experiences remains unwavering,” said Kaisie del Carmen-San Pablo, Head of Globe Platinum Business.

“The Platinum Series is designed to offer access to premium experiences and exclusive offers in one convenient digital space, enabling our valued VIPs to live and enjoy an effortless, unencumbered life.”

With the introduction of its new digital hub, Globe Platinum seeks to cement its leadership in the premium segment by catering to the changing needs of its customers, the Distinguished Trailblazers. These established leaders set new standards for others to follow. With the new Platinum Series, Globe offers them a first-of-its-kind platform that caters to their refined tastes and expectations and allows them to move forward.

“On top of providing rewarding experiences to our esteemed clients, our goal is to also attract new customers by giving them a taste of the Platinum experience. Through The Platinum Series, we are showcasing how our customers can truly live The Platinum Advantage in just a few clicks,” said Del Carmen-San Pablo.

The unveiling of The Platinum Series Online hub sets the stage for a premium postpaid experience, one that puts their high value customers at the heart of innovation.

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