GSIS and PGEA partner to educate government employees

By Francis Allan L. Angelo

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and the Philippine Government Employees Association (PGEA) have joined forces to establish the GSIS-PGEA Education and Speakers’ Bureau.

The agreement, signed by GSIS President and General Manager Wick Veloso and PGEA National President Esperanza Ocampo, marks a significant step in professional development and member engagement.

“This initiative represents a proactive approach to educate and empower our members, ensuring they have the knowledge and resources they need to secure their future and enhance their overall well-being,” Veloso said in a press statement.

Ocampo echoed this sentiment, expressing enthusiasm for the initiative. “The Education and Speakers’ Bureau allows us to effectively cascade the latest GSIS developments to our members, significantly widening the reach of information. This enhanced awareness will empower our members to fully understand and utilize their benefits,” she stated.

The Speakers’ Bureau will facilitate the dissemination of essential information to PGEA members through targeted seminars, workshops, and sessions nationwide.

GSIS will provide experts and resources to support the bureau, develop and distribute educational materials on GSIS programs, train and deploy speakers, and facilitate the Annual GSIS Members Conference.

Meanwhile, PGEA will assist in developing educational content and promotional materials, promote GSIS programs and events through various communication channels, coordinate logistics for speaking engagements, and act as ambassadors for GSIS programs to ensure effective dissemination of information to members.

The launch of the GSIS-PGEA Education and Speakers’ Bureau underscores the commitment of both organizations to improve the lives of government employees across the country.

PGEA, as the national umbrella organization of public sector workers and unions in the Philippines, is dedicated to empowering public servants, improving their working conditions, and enhancing their overall quality of life through comprehensive advocacy and support programs.

The partnership aims to provide government employees with the knowledge and resources necessary to secure their futures and improve their overall well-being, reflecting a significant commitment to the professional development and engagement of public servants across the nation.


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