GUIMARAS’ fish production continued to decrease in the third quarters of the years 2016-2018 mainly due to diminishing catch in municipal fishing with 88.89 percent of the province’s top fish species posting lower yield in the 3rd quarter of 2018, according to data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

Top fish species with decreased production that pulled down the total output of municipal fishery sub-sector include: Fimbriated sardines or “Tunsoy” (-14.85%); Cavalla or “Talakitok” (-6.44%); Siganid or “Samaral” (-35.41%); Spanish mackerel or “Tanigue” (-7.70%); Blue crab or “Alimasag”(-17.14%); Round herring or “Tulis’ (-31.53%); Hairtail or “Espada” (-9.33%); and Goatfish or “Saramulyete” (-25.63%).

Among the top nine species of fish catch in the municipal fishing, only anchovies, locally known as “dilis,” posted increasing trend from 2016 Q3 to 2018 Q3 at an average increment of 7.05 percent. The rest of the top fish species displayed decreasing trend in the same quarter of the years 2016-2018.

Likewise, the major contributors to the province’s total municipal fishery sub-sector were: Fambriated sardines or Tunsoy, Cavalla or Talakitok and Anchovies or Dilis which contributed 16.12 percent, 11.56 percent and 9.24 percent, respectively; while Goatfish or Saramulyete added the least at 2.99 percent.

Data also showed that the Municipal fishery, which contributed 48.51 percent to total fishery sector of the province, posted lower production by 16.75 percent at 822 metric tons in 2018 Q3, from 987.52 metric tons in the same quarter of 2017, and a 33.41 percent downturn compared to 1,234.55 metric tons output in the same quarter of 2016.

Municipal fisheries production includes fish catch in the inland bodies of water such as: rivers, lakes, dams, marches, etc.

Moreover, aquaculture production, which chipped in 51.49 to the total fishery sector of the province, successfully sustained positive performance recording a 9.51 percent increment during the third quarter of 2018 with an estimated output of 872.57 metric tons over the same quarter in 2017 at 796.78 metric tons.

Likewise, a 21.58 percent growth was registered in 2017 Q3 compared to 655.33 metric tons production in 2016 of the same quarter.

Milkfish produced from aquaculture fishing shared 82.06 percent to the total sub-sector’s production in 2018, exhibiting an increased production output of 16.62 percent in 2018 Q3 and 21.36 percent in 2017 Q3. The good performance of the aquaculture fishing did not offset the huge dropped in the municipal fishing.

The decreased in marine fishing may be attributed to the wider zone covered by marine protected areas (MPA) and strict implementation of LGUs against illegal fishing activities especially on the use of active gears and spearfishing with compressors.

The PSA said the data were obtained from the municipal and aquaculture fisheries surveys conducted quarterly in selected sample households and landing centers in the province, no commercial fishing exists in Guimaras province.