Guimelco to Power Panobolon and Guiwanon Islands

The Guimaras Electric Cooperative (Guimelco) has announced a significant infrastructure project aimed at supplying electricity to the island villages of Panobolon and Guiwanon in Nueva Valencia.

The initiative, outlined during a meeting on July 3, 2024, will see the installation of a three-phase 15 kilovolt submarine cable to these remote communities.

The announcement was made by Guimelco officials, led by General Manager Shirly S. Laurente, in the presence of Governor JC Rahman A. Nava, MD, and Congresswoman Ma. Lucille Nava, MD.

The meeting took place at the New Tourism Building in San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras.

Engineer Rodel F. Anado detailed the project components, which include upgrading the distribution line from vee phase to three-phase from Concordia to Cabalagnan, Nueva Valencia.

The plan also encompasses the construction of two submarine cable routes: one from Cabalagnan to Yato islet in Panobolon, and another from Panobolon to Guiwanon.

Additionally, three-phase lines will be established within Barangay Panobolon and Barangay Guiwanon, along with wiring installations for household beneficiaries.

The project will involve the installation of four receiving and sending areas, each approximately 25 square meters, at identified locations to facilitate the transmission of power.

Governor Nava underscored the necessity of protecting the coastal and mangrove ecosystems of the island barangays during the project’s implementation.

Julieta T. Gabayeron from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (DENR-PENRO) provided guidance on the required environmental permits.

Key concerns for the project include securing approvals from affected lot owners for the construction of the receiving and sending areas, obtaining right-of-way for the three-phase line construction, and addressing environmental considerations.

This ambitious project by Guimelco promises to bring much-needed electricity to Panobolon and Guiwanon, enhancing the quality of life for residents and supporting local development.


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