Guv urges immediate appointment of New DepEd secretary

Negros Occidental governor Eugenio Jose Lacson

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD CITY – Negros Occidental Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson expressed concern and urged President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to appoint a new Secretary for the Department of Education (DepEd) as soon as possible.

Lacson’s call follows the resignation of Vice President Sara Duterte, who held the position concurrently, on Wednesday.

Regarding Duterte’s resignation, Governor Lacson said, “That is her prerogative. It’s hard to comment because she herself did not say anything when she tendered her resignation. Maybe we will wait for her official statement.”

“The more relevant question right now is what will happen to the Matatag program she introduced in DepEd.”

He added that a year from now, President Marcos will already be on his midterm.

“What is important now is who will be appointed as DepEd Secretary and whether that new Secretary will introduce another program for our education or continue with the Matatag program, considering that basically, you will have four years to go,” Lacson said.

He further stressed the urgency of appointing a new Secretary immediately.

“Whether he or she is from Negros, what is important is that a new DepEd Secretary should be appointed soon,” the governor stated.

“Politically, it’s becoming clearer that there is already a separation. The UNITEAM is no longer unified, meaning part of the team is showing it is already separating from the administration.”

Lacson expressed that he does not think the resignation of VP Duterte as DepEd Secretary will affect Negros politics.

“Our politics is local, and our coalition remains strong. The resignation of the Secretary will not affect our local party,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lacson mentioned that he will be comfortable with whoever the United Negros Alliance (UnegA) fields as vice governor in the 2025 midterm election.

One potential candidate is provincial board member Jose Benito Alonso, whom the governor described as a trusted man he has known for some time.

“I am very comfortable with the coalition and with whoever they endorse as vice governor in the 2025 elections,” he added.

Lacson also stated that the Love Negros Team will support Vice Governor Jeffrey Ferrer when he runs for congressman in the 4th district in the 2025 election.

“We will support him all out,” he affirmed.