Haier x Imperial Appliance Plaza to revolutionize Ilonggo households

By Mariela Angella Oladive

Haier, a global leader in home appliance innovation, officially partnered with Imperial Appliance Plaza on June 26, aiming to transform the landscape of home appliances for Ilonggo households.

The launch event took place at the Imperial Appliance Plaza Showroom and Grand Xing Imperial Hotel.

Haier has earned a global reputation for its cutting-edge technology, being recognized as the No. 1 brand worldwide for 15 years, and its commitment to enhancing everyday living. This partnership with Imperial Appliance Plaza, a prominent appliance retailer in the region, is set to bring the latest innovations in home appliances to Ilonggo homes.

The collaboration aims to introduce a new standard of smart living, featuring advanced, interconnected appliances that simplify daily tasks, improve efficiency, and elevate the overall home experience.

At the launch event, attendees saw a showcase of Haier’s state-of-the-art products, highlighting the latest advancements designed to meet the needs of modern Ilonggo households.

Imperial Appliance Plaza, renowned for its wide selection of high-quality appliances and exceptional customer service, is the perfect partner for Haier in this initiative. By combining Haier’s innovative products with Imperial Appliance Plaza’s extensive retail network and local expertise, the partnership is poised to deliver unmatched value to consumers across Iloilo.

Greg Wang, Sales Executive Director of Haier Philippines, expressed the company’s dedication to delivering top-tier home appliance technology to Ilonggo households. Highlighting the excitement of collaborating with Imperial Appliance Plaza, he emphasized that this partnership aims to bring Haier’s vision of smart living to life, simplifying and enhancing everyday tasks for families in Iloilo.

As part of this collaboration, Haier showcased their strong network capabilities, including a new refrigerator model with a unique double compartment and third space cooling zone with a flexible temperature feature. The refrigerator boasts a Mirror Glass design, offering a sleek, modern look, and a Smart Control Function, providing users with advanced and convenient management options. The Fresher Shield technology ensures prolonged freshness of stored items.

Additionally, the ABT Pro Washing Machine includes Antibacterial Treatment and a Direct Motion Motor for quieter and more efficient operation. Its 525 Drum and Hygiene Care system further enhance cleaning effectiveness, ensuring sanitized laundry.

Compared to traditional appliances, Haier’s offerings stand out with their integration of smart technology, superior materials, and enhanced functionalities aimed at improving efficiency, hygiene, and user experience.

The management of Imperial Appliance Plaza expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting its benefits for their customers.

“We are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year, and we take pride in providing quality and affordable appliances from the most trusted brands. We are thrilled to partner with Haier, a brand known for quality and innovation. We will continue to work together to let our consumers experience the endless possibilities with the latest innovations and advanced home appliances,” said Sarah Angela Jaleco, AVP Sales and Marketing of Imperial Appliance Plaza.

As Haier and Imperial Appliance Plaza embark on this groundbreaking partnership, Ilonggo households can anticipate a new level of convenience, efficiency, and style in their homes.


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