Hepmil PHL expands content creation with new production hub, show

Hepmil Philippines, a leading media company operating the popular digital content platform PGAG, has launched a state-of-the-art production hub in Makati City to enhance its content creation capabilities.

The new facility spans 400 square meters and includes creative zones such as large studios, diverse workstations, lounges, and a wardrobe department, all designed for customizable content production needs.

The expansion aligns with the growing demand for virtual production services, as evidenced by the 2024 Global Digital Report, which indicates that 64.5% of consumers conduct online brand research and are increasingly selective about online content.

Hepmil Philippines aims to leverage this trend by offering innovative content creation solutions that ensure brands can effectively engage audiences with captivating and relevant material.

Livestreaming and Enhanced Content Offerings

The new hub will also integrate livestreaming capabilities, further broadening the reach and engagement potential of Hepmil Philippines’ diverse content offerings. This strategic move not only boosts the company’s production capacity but also empowers hundreds of creators within its network.

Launch of ‘We The Future’

In conjunction with the hub’s launch, Hepmil Philippines introduced ‘We The Future,’ a comedic documentary series that explores the authentic stories and voices of various Filipino communities.

The show features a unique cast, including Jan Ryan “Zarckaroo” Azurin, Josef Spartacus “Spart” Farnacio, Jestoni “Guhit Jes” Rubantes, Sheanner Navarro, and Rian Simon “Rianismo” Magtaan.

“What’s unique about ‘We The Future’ is our hands-on approach. We go directly to the grassroots, engaging with real people and sharing authentic stories. We connect with communities and amplify the voices of those who might otherwise go unheard,” said Erwin Razon, General Manager of Hepmil Philippines.

New Content Lineup

Hepmil Philippines also unveiled new content pieces set to debut in the latter half of 2024. These include:

-‘Si OA’: Featuring a passive-aggressive character who seeks validation through controversial views and exaggerated reactions.

-‘Pork Soju’: Following a character through dramatic, Korean drama-inspired scenarios.

-‘Astrolo-tea’: Offering unserious horoscope readings that provide reality checks based on zodiac sign personalities.

These shows are designed to showcase authentic, relatable stories, further solidifying Hepmil Philippines’ commitment to innovative and diverse content creation.

Supporting Creators and Monetization

In addition to content expansion, Hepmil Philippines continues to support its creator network through initiatives like the incubation program launched last December. This program equips creators with social commerce skills, enhancing their monetization opportunities. With 500 content creators now part of its network, Hepmil Philippines is strengthening its position as a powerhouse in digital media across Southeast Asia.

The Hepmil Creators’ Network (HCN), a sister company of SGAG and a subsidiary of Hepmil Media Group, connects comedy and entertainment creators across Southeast Asia with brands to co-create content. Launched in March 2020, HCN leverages its expertise in comedy to mentor independent TikTok creators, ensuring campaign objectives are met with brand-safe content. The network includes over 100 TikTok and YouTube creators with more than 25 million subscribers and over 40 million monthly views.

By continually evolving and expanding its content and creator support infrastructure, Hepmil Philippines remains at the forefront of digital content creation and engagement, catering to the dynamic preferences of Millennials and Gen Z audiences.

For more information, visit [Hepmil Philippines](https://www.hepmil.com).


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