Here is how PHL Mythology is kept alive through comics, games, and anime

THE Philippines is a rich country. We are abundant in natural resources and with 7,107 islands, our culture pulsates with diversity and meaning and all that jazz. Take for instance, Philippine mythology.

“Myths and beliefs vary from different tribes. They explain how plants bloom, storms rage, or where did this tree come from,” Anthropologist, Dr. Carolyn Sobritchea told Lei Alviz on a recent State of the Nation report.

“All of it has stories that came from our ancestors,” she added.

Despite the efforts of our forefathers to try and retain our mythology, colonization and war saw it fade from collective memory. Thankfully, today’s evolving technology has allowed it to resurface.

A bunch of comic book artists are bringing deities back to life through their drawings. Most popular, perhaps is the newly Netflix-acquired “Trese.”

Written by Budjette Tan, “Trese” tells the story of occult investigator, Alexandra Trese, who solves extraordinary crimes involving mythical creatures.

“It’s exciting and leaves us nervous to wait and see how the world would react when they see our story and when they learn more about Philippine mythology and our folklore,” Tan said.

And then there’s “Myth Space,” a comic book written by Paolo Chikiamco. It tells the story of an aspiring astronaut named Ambrosio Magtalas who comes across Philippine mythical creatures — think kapre, tikbalang — on his journey.

“The best way to make the myths alive again is to just tell the stories – to use them in your stories to make them present for the current generation of readers,” writer of “Myth Space”, Paolo Chikiamco said.

“I can’t think of other ways how to spread awareness regarding the Philippine mythology and all I know is to draw,” pipes Maria Isabela Hosalla, a comic book artist, in.

Aside from comic books, RPG or Role Playing Games incorporating Philippine mythology also reached its breakthrough. “Tadhana” allows players to live like a mythological creature choosing among races like tikbalang, diwata, and garuda. Each player could also customize the character’s traits and power.

“Using your creativity, you can live out your life as a magical hero or epic hero in a Filipino setting fantasy universe,” creator of “Tadhana”, Jonathan Briones said.

Truly, Philippine mythology is a part of history that we could enliven through our creative imagination, partaking in the continuous effort of preserving our cherished stories. (GMA News)

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