High school student drowns in Lambunao on Good Friday

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A Grade 12 student drowned while on a family outing in Lambunao, Iloilo on Good Friday, April 7, 2023.

The body of John Kenneth Segura, 19, of Barangay Maite Grande, Lambunao, was retrieved 10 minutes after he submerged in a river at Barangay Sagcup.

Segura was immediately rushed to Dr. Ricardo Y Ladrido Memorial Hospital Lambunao but was declared dead on arrival.

According to reports, Segura was with his three siblings, a cousin, and a sister-in-law.

On board motorcycles, they navigated the secluded Sagcup village, which is around 15 kilometers from their house.

They arrived at 9 a.m. and had some food and drinks.

The victim’s younger sibling claimed that Segura had just taken two shots of whisky.

At around lunchtime, he went for a dip but by 12:42 p.m., relatives claimed they saw him drowning.

Someone initially attempted to rescue him, but Segura lost his grip.

Staff Sergeant Ramon Legayada, Lambunao police chief, said residents later rescued and retrieved him several minutes later.

The area where the victim got drowned was around 10 to 15 feet deep.